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When you see solo trip, you think of someone backpacking through the Australian outback right? Well let me tell you about me and my handbag also known as my best friend! For the record we go everywhere together!

This trip really started off with a shenanigan; Hear me out it’s the night before our flight to Cyprus to celebrate me finally becoming an adult! 18. So we decided to take “edibles” Exciting right?! Not when you almost missed your flight!  Even with being in my zone, well completely zoned out, we made it to the sunny side.

Ooooh Watersports! Jet skiing was going great until my best friend decided to fling us off the jet ski, where we thought we was going to die in the seas of Cyprus never to be seen again! It is absolutely hilarious now that I reminisce and smile about the memory.

The whole trip was just spectacular from outdoor go karting and thinking we was a Mario & Luigi duo to going out and exploring the night scene, would definitely recommend Cyprus a place to make memories once Rona decides to bugger off!

I would totally say I made a friend for life who also was my cab driver for the whole 5 days, who gave us the ins and out of what to do and even got us discount on our water sports day.

If you are thinking off going to Cyprus, see this as a sign to book and just go! You won’t regret it and I definitely know Boris Johnson doesn’t have to tell you twice either once he makes up his mind up about letting us out of lockdown.

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