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From sunrise pancakes next to Angkor Watt to the creamy Cambodian Chicken Amok in bustling Siem Reap…

A country filled with so much history, taste, sceneries and culture. From wandering around the ruins of the 12th-century temples to drifting through the floating villages. There are so many sites to see in Cambodia: Phnom Pehn, Sihanoukville Village and Siem Reap are all the backpacker hotspots.

These South-East Asian dishes were life-changing for my tastebuds! One of my biggest challenges when travelling is finding halal food. Cambodia was no different. It wasn’t until the sunrise trek to Angkor Watt where I heard the Azaan from a mosque. This is where my tuk-tuk driver explained it came from “The Muslim Village”, which is where my curiosity took me. I found a dainty family restaurant where they served the most amazing Cambodian dishes, which is how I came across the Cambodian Chicken Amok. This beautiful mouth-watering coconut curry was by far the best thing I had tasted in my time in Cambodia and definitely one of the best dishes I had during my travels in South East Asia. The kindness and the service of the people made the experience so much better.


After trekking the Angkor Watt and awaiting its beautiful sunrise, it was so easy to build up an appetite which is where I discovered the thickest and fluffiest pancakes served alongside dragon fruit, pineapples and mangoes and covered in chocolate sauce (a combination of success). The thickness of this pancake made me believe I was eating cake for breakfast… the dream of every sweet tooth. Energy was burnt quickly as I wandered through the many picturesque temples of Angkor. The beauty and detail of each and every temple were incredible. Each temple has its own personality, from intricated faces on the Bayon towers to trees growing around Ta Prohm’s architecture. The options are endless.

Wear your comfiest clothes and work up an appetite for your endless walks around the ruins. Once the sun goes down, head to Pub Street or also known as backpacker central, where your pub crawls are endless, but for me, the bottomless ice cream choices took my breath away.

Overall, Cambodia should definitely be on your go-to list. Throughout my travels, Cambodia was undoubtedly one of my favourite places. There was no way I was going to leave South East Asia without seeing these ancient ruins, and it honestly did not disappoint.

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