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We are all craving a cheeky trip abroad in this lockdown life, but since we can’t do that, let’s take a trip down memory lane instead.

We all love a holiday, especially one with the girls!

Miami was a trip to remember – for many reasons: Yes, think “girls trip” the movie! Let me give you my do’s and don’ts:

– Laying on a private beach at the back of the hotel in the sun, getting our tan on. The reality is you will fall asleep. So we had to kick it up a notch, after all, we are on holiday.

– Wet willies… ‘we love to drink with .. is our mate she downs it down in 10….9…’ You know what happens once drinks are involved. 😅 If you’ve never fallen off, trust me, you will in the 305. You get a pass because what happens in Miami stays in Miami, to be honest. I’m just a lightweight.

– Promoters- like pestering flies, but you got to love them, they want their money, and you want to get into the best clubs, so you have yourself a great partnership. 🤝

Clubs are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but let’s just say they were not lying when they said the best chicken wings reside there. if you know you know 😉..speaking of clubs, can you really go to Miami without going to LIV?

– No matter where you are in America, they love a British accent. You will make friends. Big shout out to our New York buddies LOL

– Hurricane season, yes I said Hurricane! 🙈 If you are from London, then you are definitely used to a bit of wind and rain. 😅 In saying that be sensible please, this can undoubtedly affect the quality of your holiday. If you can avoid this time of the year, I suggest you do so.

– Since Miami has a lot of Hispanics and Latinos, you have to experience some Cuban food, and yes, they eat ‘ fufu’!

– For my love and hip hop peeps, you may even see a few crew members.

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